Our Team


  Margaret Barker –Stylist

We are so thrilled to welcome Margaret to our team here at Inspire, starting JUNE 1st! Her calendar is now open!

(Bio -coming soon)

Katie Martindale – Senior Stylist.

Katie  has over 10 years experience in the industry and she LOVES being behind the chair and is smiling any chance she can get to do so! She is always willing to help out any of the team or anyone at the drop of a hat.  Not to mention she’s a brilliant creative soul through and through, what can’t this lady do?!

Jordan Teyke – Senior Stylist.

Jordan brings with him contagious enthusiasm and he is rarely seen without a smile on his face. Jordan loves his clients and strives to give them the best experience. He has a true passion for colour and he will always be happy to tell you the latest trend, technique or about the last education class he took as he loves learning and improving his craft. You want to go blonde? Jordan is your man!
We are happy to have Jordan on the Inspire Team March 1st 2017!

Kristi Kristi Teyke – Master Stylist, Davines Ambassador & Salon Educator.

You have not met a more cheerful and upbeat person than Kristi. Kristi is a professional who is always knowledgeable about the latest trends, she will point you to the look that looks best for you and your lifestyle and she will always ensure you know how to continue this when you get home, she will always go the extra mile for you. Ask Kristi for a point of wellness and you will not be disappointed!

Fairen Headshot (color)
Fairen Berchard – Guest Service Coordinator.
Fairen is full of kindness and it is unlikely you will catch her without a smile. She will no doubt take excellent care of you while you are here and load you up with dark chocolates. Fairen’s passion is photography and she has been running her own business Fairen Berchard Photograhy for quite some time.  We were lucky enough to have her as the photographer for our recent Inspire photoshoot a she did an incredible job.
Kailey Diogo- Guest Services Coordinator & Social Media Guru.

Kailey is super sweet, energetic, fun and fits in to Inspire like a glove. She is hard working and a very talented individual Our social Media Guru, she is a superstar at Youtube and also has completed school as a makeup artist. Kailey is always happy to help and is a huge team player, whether that’s baking delicious vegan treats for us or helping a teammate move, she is there and is always willing to go above and beyond for everyone!

Abbie Hentges- Guest Services Manager.

We are thrilled to have Abbie’s warm and caring soul join our team. She is here to make you feel as comfortable as possible and make every appointment effortless and easy. Her background working with Greenpeace and other ethical companies makes her a perfect fit for team Inspire. Abbie is truly a gem with a huge heart. She cares so much about everyone. We are grateful to have her look after our lovely clients.

Kathryn Kathryn Genereux – Owner/Manager.

Kathryn is most passionate about people and creating a warm environment for everyone around her. Her ultimate business dream is to be an leader for new businesses demonstrating you can be successful where the team, the clients, environment and community all win.